Engage loyalty program users with crypto

HeapsSM is an integrated cryptocurrency platform for consumers, employees and members participating in loyalty rewards programs.

Heaps enables the redemption of points, cash-back rewards and other loyalty currencies for leading cryptocurrencies. In addition, users can directly purchase crypto with cash and through recurring deposits.

The comprehensive platform also features educational tools to help consumers start their crypto journey with confidence—and a best-in-class offer marketplace where consumers can earn crypto-back rewards on their spending across 30,000+ local, national and online merchants.

Brand Benefits


Attract new customers

interested in compelling, easy-entry crypto products


Generate new revenue

from points-to-crypto exchange fees


Drive more spend and inspire ongoing participation

through crypto rewards and the Heaps marketplace


Offer a comprehensive crypto ecosystem

with seamless integration into your program

Consumer Benefits


Enter the crypto market with ease

by using loyalty program rewards


Achieve potential financial gain

by turning points into crypto assets that can appreciate


Build portfolio value

by spending through crypto-back rewards that stack on top of existing debit and credit card programs


Learn, invest and earn

all in one comprehensive platform